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Nexed Bauer Hockey Itech Spider Court

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Canadian Inline Hockey Association would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support throughout the 2001 inline hockey season. All our sponsor programs are directed at developing the sport of inline hockey through the community based leagues across Canada. Below is a list of our Partnership Programs with CIHA Honour Roll Sponsors:

Officiating Program

Itech has taken on the official sponsorship title of "CIHA's Officiating Program." The importance of officiating to hockey is paramount and to have such a solid company as Itech as our Official Sponsor gives the officiating program the recognition it deserves. We have two levels of officiating training: (Level 1), in which all officials must take each year to be certified by CIHA. The Level 1 program was designed to support the community leagues across Canada. The Level 2 program is for our more qualified officials and is to identify a pool of officials for our tournaments, nationals and international events.

Fun First Program

Nexed (division of V-Formation) has become title sponsor of our FUN First Program. This new program initiative is targeted directly at the house league players and teams. Fun First is a team rating system to help promote good sportsmanship, respect, and participation.

The goal of the Canadian Inline Hockey Association (CIHA), is to offer every youngster who wants to enjoy the game of inline hockey (regardless of his skill level), the opportunity to participate through support of his community leagues.

Spider Court

Spider Court is the official inline hockey flooring supplier for Canadian Hockey Inline. Spider Court was featured at the Ontario CanAm Cup.

Jersey Program

Force Sports Technologies is the official jersey supplier of CIHA. Ask for one of the CD's provide by Force that allows you to design your own color combinations, and place or order all on line.

Ideal Design Sports:

IDS is the creator of the official puck of Canadian Hockey Inline.This high quality puck is used and preferred for all of CHI's sanctioned events. IDS Supplies pucks for all CHI tournaments.

Force Sports Technologies

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