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USA/Canada Challenge Cup

ATLANTA, Georgia - TORHS America, Spider Court, and the Canadian In-line Hockey Association are pleased to announce the formation of the USA/Canada Challenge Cup, which is set to be held in late June at Windsor Arena in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The Event will be an All-Star game comprised of the top PRO Series players from the United States, who will compete for team USA, and the top players from Canada, who will compete for team Canada. TORHS America will be selecting the roster for Team USA based on performance at the regional PRO Series qualifiers throughout the year. CIHA will conduct the same selection process of its PRO Teams as the season goes on as well.

Each team will be comprised of the top 12 skaters and 2 goaltenders and they will receive an invitation to attend the Challenge Cup, which will feature prizes and prize money. The winning team will walk away from the event with $5,000.00 in prize money and fans in attendance will have the chance to win one of two brand new 2003 Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Tickets will be on sale for this event later in the year as there is expected to be somewhere from five to seven thousand people in attendance for what will certainly be one of the largest International events to date. Tickets will be $12.50 per person in Canadian denomination.

"We are very excited about this event. It is a great chance to kick off the partnership between TORHS and CIHA, and will also inspire even more of a competitive edge within the PRO Series this year as they now individually have something to compete for in addition to winning the Championship in Rochester at the Nationals," said TORHS America President Tony Abbate. Spider Court will serve as the official flooring of the event and will be the title sponsor furthering their commitment as one of the leaders of the roller hockey industry and it's commitment to growth and development.

"This is a terrific opportunity to show everyone just how big the sport of roller hockey is getting and just how competitive it can be. The Spider Court/TORHS PRO Series is growing so much that a Challenge Cup such as this will serve as terrific inspiration and incentive for them to compete even harder than they already are," said Spider Court's Mike Stegner. Spider Court and TORHS this year have teamed up to form the Spider Court/TORHS PRO Series, which is worth $75,000.00 this year, not including the USA/Canada Challenge Cup.

For more information regarding the 2003 USA/Canada Challenge Cup stay tuned to the TORHS America web site www.torhs.com as well as www.spidercourt.com.

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