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GLi Jr A League to Test New Rules

The teams will test a Centre Line Off- Side rule, which CIHA has implemented in the past during the International World Inline Cup events. This rule does not permit a player to pass the puck over the red line into the offensive zone to a teammate. The puck must be carried over the red line and then can be passed. A player is still permitted to cross the red line prior to the puck, but a pass cannot be made to the player from the defensive zone over the red line to a teammate. In many cases this rule creates more speed to the game because the players re-group in the neutral zone for puck support and a quick transition, instead of a long pass from one end to the other to a stationary player.

The second rule to be tested is a clearing rule (icing), which is simply having the face-off return to the defensive zone if a pass is attempted but not touched by a teammate prior to crossing the far goal line. This rule could eliminate the player from just shooting the puck the length of the rink without attempting to make a more creative play.

Finally a “tag-up” rule while on a Power Play will be tested during the weekend event. This rule requires the entire team on a Power Play to tag-up (everyone must be tagged up before re- entering the offensive zone), if the defending team (team on penalty kill) clears the puck over the red line.

The intent of these rule changes is to determine if better skilled players will be developed because of these changes and that spectators will perceive a higher entertainment value by allowing more strategy to be implemented.

The team General Managers will determine if the new rules will be implemented for the 2003 season immediately following the Early Bird Tournament.

These rules already exist in some international events and the GLi are attempting to provide a more entertaining game and develop more skilled players as a result.

For more information contact the CIHA office: mswayze@canadianinlinehockey.com

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