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TORHS Finals Announced


ATLANTA, Georgia - TORHS America is pleased and proud to announce the location confirmation for the 2003 Nationals, which are set to be held at the ESL Sports Centre in Rochester, New York.

The state of the art facility will have four surfaces to play on, and will include air conditioning for the Nationals. Before now, four floors at a roller tournament series Nationals has been un-achieved, TORHS will have the four Spidercourt floors in place to allow for a more expedited Nationals as well as a shorter stay for teams. With the addition of another floor, it will allow for more teams and therefore more games to be played in a shorter amount of time.

"We are very excited about the facility, the location, and the addition of the floor, it truly is going to be great," said TORHS America President Tony Abate. "We hope that with the additional floor, teams will be able to play more games in a shorter time period and truly enjoy the experience."

The surroundings of Rochester will also allow for close hotel accommodations to the facility, numerous places to eat, and several local attractions to see in teams down time between games. The ESL Sports Centre is no stranger to major events being held in their facility. In the past, the rink has had such events as the World Games, numerous Ice Hockey tournaments, NHL exhibition games, and other major attractions staged at their venue.

At this years Nationals much has already gone into the planning of the event, which will be held July 10-16, 2003. In fact the actual planning and setting up of the Nationals is an intricate process handled very carefully. Locating a facility large enough to hold such a large tournament, as TORHS that also includes all of the needs which TORHS requires is difficult. And as anyone or any tournament does, mistakes of the past are considered, learned from, and corrected for the future. An air conditioning consultant was brought to Rochester before final confirmation was accepted by TORHS to bring the Nationals there.

"We are thrilled to have such a prestigious event as TORHS come to our facility," said General Manager of the ESL Sports Centre Ray Maluta. "We have hosted many events here but none as large or as well known as the TORHS Nationals. We are committed to making this year's event everything that the staff at TORHS envisions and the patrons of the event expect. We are looking forward to hosting some of the most highly competitive roller hockey that North America and the world has to offer."

This years Nationals will also feature the finals for the Spidercourt/TORHS PRO Series, which is worth $75,000. With eight qualifiers for $4,000 prize money at each qualifier. The top two teams will qualify for the National Championships. The winner of the championship game at the Nationals will receive $40,000, and the runner up will walk away with $10,000.

Information regarding the finals will be posted on the TORHS web site shortly and if you should desire more information regarding the final or TORHS in general, contact us by e-mail at

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