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Official Newsletter of CIHA

Issue 1 -- November 1, 2000

Table of Contents

Welcome to our first edition of "Icebreaker" the official electronic newsletter for CIHA. Our objective of the newsletter is to keep our members informed with the most recent information and to have our members share information with each other through the newsletter.

If you have information you want to share with other league members, teams, or players then feel free to send the information to our office so we can include in the next issue.

This first electronic Newsletter is being sent to:

  • over 80 different CIHA leagues across Canada from coast to coast

  • 1,000+ players

  • 85 coaches

  • 200+ officials

  • 30 Industry distributors & manufactures

  • 50+ media contacts

We require all leagues to collect e-mail addresses of players, coaches, referees, volunteers, media and all other interested parties during registration and forward to our office with your league registration so we can "spread the word" to as many people as possible. With your help we can ensure that the sport of inline hockey is being promoted and communicated to all segments of our community and sports world.

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Event Up-Date:

The 2001 inline hockey season is beginning to shape up as the most active inline season that we have ever had. Even before the season ended for 2000 we had many requests for event sanctioning, and they continue to come in. Some dates have yet to be confirmed for some of the events since everyone is scrambling to confirm floor time with their municipalities.

Event Location Date
International Global Festival
BC Provincials
Alberta Provincials
Manitoba Provincials
Atlantic Cup
CanAm Cup I
CanAm Cup II
Sarnia Early Bird
Mississauga Summer Slam
Hamilton Spring Blast
Oakville Waterfront
Winnepeg, MB
Langley, BC
Langley, BC
Halifax NS
Week prior to Global Festival
May 11-13
May 25-27
June 8-10
June 22-24
July 16-Aug.1

Be sure to get your tournament sanctioning application into our office so we can add you to our event list.

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League Profile:

Want your league to be profiled in one of our next issues, then send us information (history, philosophy, what makes your league unique, special events, special players, etc.)

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Player Profile:

We would like to know about special players (not just rep players!), that play in your league. Send us information so we can share these special stories with everyone.

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Coaches Corner

Today's Topic: The Ice Hockey Myth "inline hockey will ruin a players skating stride".

We have all heard this over and over by the ice hockey coach who has probably never seen an inline hockey game. These are the same guys that think the only way to become a good ice hockey player is to play ice hockey 11-12 month a year. Most of this ice hockey is being played under incredible competitive pressure, where if you make a mistake it becomes a "nightmare".

First of all even competitive inline hockey provides tremendous opportunity for players to become creative as an individual player and as a team player. As a NCCP certified Advanced Level Coach in the ice hockey world, I have seen what the NCCP and CHA have tried to do with getting back to teaching skills and creativity that have been lost over the years with the dump and chase and system teaching of many coaches. But, as someone around the inline world for the past six years I know one thing the best skill development program (individual or team) for any ice hockey player or coach is without a doubt Inline Hockey!

Inline Hockey is the new era of "Pond Hockey" that you hear some guy named Wayne Gretzky always talking about!

But back to the skating stride of inline hockey! If a player has good technical skills regarding his skating stride then it will carry over from ice to inline. But if he has bad technique then it will also carry over to inline form ice -- don't blame inline for this.

Is there a transition period? Of course there is and it is usually more difficult going from inline to ice then ice to inline. But give these young players a couple of sessions and they adapt without a hitch. Just ask guys like Mike Van Ryn, of London, Ontario (St. Louis Blues, University of Michigan, and Sarnia Sting) who has played inline hockey over ice since he was about 13 years old. Mike has played inline everywhere (National Team, PanAm Games, Narch, CHI Nationals and Qualifiers, FIRS Jr. Worlds and many other top inline events). He will tell you today that inline hockey helped him become a better player by learning to be more patient with the puck, seeing the ice better and learning to play a team possession game. His skating stride has never been affected by playing inline hockey!

Next time you hear these ice hockey coaches throwing out these myths challenge them and invite them out to see some games and become involved.

See ya next time! And keep on Roll'n!

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Referee Report:

A little history supplied by Peter Kourtis (CIHA Referee-in-Chief):

  • First ever CHI clinic Kitchener 1997

  • Largest referee clinic : Scarborough,ON 1998 (62)

  • Smallest :Cobourg 2000 (2)

  • There were 48 Level Two official registered in 2000

  • There were 625 Level One officials in 2000

  • Referees certify every year

  • Instructors hold a seminar every year

  • NHL referee Bob Langdon has been a CHI official and inline supporter for the past four years

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International News:

  • PanAm Games 2003 !!!!

    • CIHA and Roller Sports Canada (RSC) have come to an agreement in principle and will formalize the agreement over the next month regarding inline hockey in Canada. This agreement begins the process for selection of players, coaches and support staff for the 2003 Pan Am Games.

      CIHA have confirmed that the Global Inline Hockey Festival which features international teams and Canadian Regional teams (14,16,18 & Under and Junior- 22 & Under- new for 2001) from across Canada (Pacific, West, Central, Ontario, Quebec and East), will be the development system for future Team Canada inline hockey teams. Not all Regions have been able to field teams in each age division, but with this announcement regarding the Pan Am Games more teams and players will want to be part of this tremendous program!

      The Global Event is inline hockey's "Program of Excellence" in which we will have tremendous opportunity to evaluate players, coaches and support staff through a system that begins at the 14 & Under division right to the Junior division of 22 & Under. We will begin to see players as early as the 2003 PanAm games that have played on Canadian Regional Teams as early as 16 & under.

      Players will need to have their talents evaluated during the Global Events so they will have the opportunity to be invited to the selection Camp of the PanAm Teams. The Global event is an opportunity to evaluate players under "High Performance" standards, on and off the surface, to ensure that the right ambassadors will be selected to represent Canada.

    • CIHA's partnership with RSC will provide opportunity for CIHA to enter a National Team at the FIRS World Championship held each year around the Globe. There is a possibility that CIHA will send a Jr. Team to represent Canada and to provide international experience for our players.

Other International News:
  • Brian Williams (Executive Director of USA Hockey Inline) has left to join the American Hockey Leagues Portland Pirates, as VP of Operations. Gary Del Vecchio from within the USA Hockey Inline staff will replace Brian.

  • The third Annual Global Inline Hockey Festival is scheduled to operate on the West Coast of Canada for the 2001 season, in Langley, BC.

  • CIHA will continue to work with Narch and hope to formalize an agreement for 2001that will benefit all players in Canada. Our number one focus is to ensure that major events of CIHA and Narch to not conflict, as well as ensuring that duplication of events (too many do not occur). It is our hope that CIHA member leagues will host all Narch events hosted in Canada, and CIHA will provide sanctioning for all these events.

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Thought of the Week:

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of life you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement."

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Quick Notes:

  • League Membership applications for the 2001 season should be completed and mailed to the CIHA office within the next month. The application process is done annually to ensure all the contact information and league information is up to date.

  • We have already received over 40 league membership applications as of Nov.1/00.

  • Early processing of these application forms provides better prep. time for our CIHA staff to plan and communicate.

  • Some minor rule changes are being evaluated at this time, so if you have any suggestions we would like to hear from you.

  • We are always looking for better ways to serve our members -- send us suggestions!

  • If you receive this newsletter more than once let us know, so we can adjust our database.

  • Send us any addresses that you would like us to add to our distribution list.

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